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About DeBoldTax

About DeBoldTax

Debold Tax & Bookkeeping Services, LLC has been the dream of Denyse Bolden for 10+years. Opened in 2017, Debold Tax looks forward to establishing new clients and continuing to provide the personal support many taxpayers desire. After working with big chain tax firms for many years, Denyse realized the void in the market for the personal touch often needed to assist client’s tax dilemmas. Trust and respect for clients is often left void when clients return to larger tax firms on a yearly basis. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service throughout the year and assist with any additional tax solutions.

We are proud of our commitment to ethics and integrity. By following GAAP principles and adhering to a code of conduct that defines how we do business, we are not only protecting ourselves from penalty but also safeguarding our clients against retaliation by taxing jurisdictions. We are not a “get me the most money by any means” tax service. We are here to help you maximize your tax refund or minimize your tax liability by lawfully explaining deductions and record keeping. The respect we hold for our clients will not be taken lightly as our goal is to help you grow, not suffer due to questionable tax practices.

Our mission to provide excellent service, build trust, and obtain maximum results is at the core of why we do what we do. We are friendly, approachable and professional. We offer one on one consulting where the privacy of our clients is highly valued. Our staff consists of Denyse as your “Bold Income Tax Cash Hero” and superb client service members that provide streamlined data transfer to and from clients.
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